Antoine KOPFF

Real Estate Agent

Languages spoken

French English




The impetus of youth


Having gained some initial experience with an international law firm specialising in trademark and patent law, Antoine joined Varenne to pursue his passion for the property market and the latest developments therein. As a particularly dynamic individual, he felt he needed that element of contact with people, that freedom to explore historic districts and soak up the cultural effervescence of the Left Bank.

Antoine also has a great passion for classical music and even studied at the Conservatoire, so he is fully aware of the importance of working together as a whole and that teamwork is key to achieving convincing results.

He likes to always keep one foot in the music world, and knows that consistency and precision are key, but that creativity and sensitivity also have their part to play at Varenne. “When a client asks you to search for something specific, based on certain criteria, it’s such a pleasure to be able to satisfy them and play an active role in making their personal, family or professional plans a reality”.

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