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A real estate ethnologist 

A Parisian by birth who has already led several very different lives: the first in North America, another in Geneva, along with extended stays in Morocco and Greece where her academic research led her. An anthropologist specializing in international development, author of scientific documentaries and a gemologist, her atypical career illustrates her insatiable curiosity - which turns out to be a real asset in the work she has been doing for the last 8 years.

"It takes a great feel for human relationships, a real curiosity about other people and a truly analytical mind to understand our clients’ expectations and advise them on the basis of the realities of the market. A good real estate agent must be a kind of real estate "profiler"; she has to understand the person she is dealing with, speak the same language and find a place that will be a perfect fit for the client’s personality without wasting their time. My knowledge of anthropology is useful when it comes to guessing, understanding people and guiding them through their projects. In my opinion business sense is more than anything about being able to adapt to the other person and that’s something that can’t be learned."

She believes that "a real estate transaction must above all be completed on the basis of best practice. Regardless of the situation, advice and transparency are the watchwords - and are the agency’s strength."

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