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Guilhem CARVÈS


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One foot in real estate, the other in architecture

The architect, the man, is smiling, warm, relaxed. From a commercial point of view, he has neither the look nor the substance for this game, he says so himself. His role in Varenne is complimentary to that of his two Partners. In fact, Guilhem Carvès practiced architecture for a number of years. Since 1993, the date he joined the agency, he has contributed both to agents as well as clients his understanding of space and his knowledge of buildings. “I get involved to reconfigure a plan, to illustrate the possibilities (or the impossibilities) in the development of a space. Strictly speaking, I don’t really draw up plans, but I can steer the client towards a good architect because I have kept contacts within my old business. I advise clients for free, and wholly independently of of the financial interests of the agency. Don’t forget that this profession is relatively simple from a technical perspective. Our credibility comes from our honesty and our capacity to say no: no, do not buy this property, it’s not right for you; no, we will not support you if you sell at this price.”

His talent: creating the agency’s ambiance, "As much as I like things to be square, planned and organized, I want people to be able to work in a spirit of openness and understanding. If negotiators know how to communicate with each other, it's because they know how to do this job. At Varenne, a luxury real estate agency in Paris, our clients immediately feel that the staff are happy with us. This is one of the agency's assets. »

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