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With the advantage of bilingual parentage, American and French, she has enjoyed the opportunity to grow up on both sides of the Atlantic 

This enriching childhood, combined with her business school degree, allowed her to confidently begin her internationally focused career.

Developing the network of boutiques and in-store concessions of a world renowned French gastronomy brand, she has acquired a valuable understanding of multi-faceted projects of a complex nature. Valerie’s natural ability to connect with others guided her towards a career in real estate, where she has the privilege of advising clients in what is often a major lifetime choice and walking them through each and every step of their project.

Artistic and creative, Valerie’s innate love for beauty and her unerring eye for detail enable her to envisage the optimal result whilst using the brief provided, which helps her client in envisaging the property’s full potential.

Her gift: Empathy. The connection with her clients is firmly based on her natural qualities of trustworthiness, attentiveness and clarity of thought.

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