Unio, the leading luxury property network in Paris

Unio, an alliance that will change your customer experience.

Unio was created in 2013 by four luxury real estate stakeholders sharing a certain ethic and driven by the conviction that cooperation makes you stronger. Unio is based on the sharing of properties, information, and experiences between members in order to offer an innovative solution to simplify and boost the acquisition or sale process. As a buyer, you can view all the properties for sale on the Unio network. This network also allows our owners to access the customer bases of Unio's partners.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Hugues de la Morandière, Léonard Cesari,
Marc Foujols and Sébastien Kuperfis

Hugues de la Morandière, Léonard Cesari, Marc Foujols and Sébastien Kuperfis

Left to right: Léonard Cesari, Managing Partner of the Mobilis group, Marc Foujols, Director of Marc Foujols, Sébastien Kuperfis, Director of Junot, Hugues de la Morandière, Managing Partner of Varenne.

Unio provides you with a quality of service based on three essential values:



A value and processes that build the trust of customers and our relationship. Transparency is an individual and joint commitment that complies with the rules of procedure defining the framework for all exchanges.



Unio's success is based on quality, reliability, and responsiveness, and, therefore on the professionalism of everyone. The different teams have learned to work together and share their skills, which boosts cooperation and generates opportunities for all.



Integrity and goodwill are everyone's responsibility. They create a virtuous circle that promotes dynamic, productive exchanges and a spirit of service within Unio.

23 agencies

To this day,
Unio is currently:

  • 23 agencies
  • 178 employees
  • Over 100,000 contacts in our customer file
Over 100,000 contacts in our customer file

Unio alliance

Groupe Mobilis
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