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Our story is one of encounters, stepping into a place that’s a perfect fit. These encounters are sparked by our passion for living spaces and their owners, a passion that spans 30 years.

Conveyors, purveyors, fine connoisseurs of the Paris market, we are like water diviners, using our flair to unearth places that inspire you. Our consultants are above all passionate, seasoned professionals, from various walks of life, who will guide you on visits that become journeys of discovery. Our company was created at the heart of the left bank, then developed on the right bank and the capital’s sought-after western suburbs. Located in iconic Parisian neighbourhoods known for their prestige or their poetry, Varenne has reigned for 30 years over a collection of micro-markets, each a village in its own right. In 2015, by signing an exclusive partnership with the Savills group, global leader in residential property, we have opened a window onto the world. Our story is still being written, a perpetual dialogue of journeys and places of residence.


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An exacting selection of partners in a number of fields for all the services you may find useful: architects, bankers, lawyers, decorators, tax specialists, notaries, concierges, etc.


Varenne has been a partner of the Savills Group since 2015, with our partners in France:

  • Savills France: commercial real estate, valuation, property management, consultancy, etc
  • Savills Riviera: a group of agencies spread between St Tropez and St Jean Cap Ferrat
  • Savills Alpes: several agencies in the major resorts

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An innovative partner that selects its agencies on the basis of performance and transparency.

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France's leading real estate union.

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Our agencies

Our adventure began on Rue Barbet de Jouy, an elegant, confidential address which embodies everything we love about our profession.

Guided by our intuition, we embraced the enormous potential of Parisian properties while addressing what we felt to be a cruel lack of service and skills on a market coveted the world over.

A few years later, we opened two large agencies, first one in Place Saint-Sulpice at the heart of the left bank, then another in the Golden Triangle enabling us to cover the entire right bank and on the West of Paris.

Our vision is focused on relational and collective intelligence. Transparent, quality exchanges are the bedrock for building remarkable projects.

We infuse our Parisian homes with this same spirit, and have handed the artistic direction over to one of our talented associates, Andréa Boström.

A meeting place and starting point for your search, a resource centre for the whole team, a showcase for numerous artists and designers.