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Our Neighborhood Guide

In which neighborhood would you like to live?

Paris is a mosaic of neighborhoods that are like villages that are part of our daily lives. 

It's a surprise of contrasts as soon as you walk or cycle through the city. 

A neighborhood is an extension of our apartment or our house, the promise of a way of life that resembles us.

Left Bank

The prestige element here stems from the richness of its roots, the ‘Rive Gauche’ vibe instilled by many artists and intellectuals over the years and the presence of grandes écoles. The price of rarity is measured more than ever these days by an exceptional living environment.

Varenne - Odéon 2 Properties

Paris 6e


Right Bank

The bank home to the sort of diversity and contrasts that make the city such a marvel. So it’s no surprise that the high-end and exceptional properties to be found here come in many different forms. Remarkable architectural ensembles, like Place Vendôme and the Palais-Royal, and iconic views of Notre-Dame and the quays of the Seine.

France & International

An expert on all things Rive Gauche, our agency can also take you beyond the shores of Paris. Thanks to our partners, we make sure your dreams have a home, whether here or elsewhere.

Like a home
  • Neuilly-sur-Seine
  • 7 rooms
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 243,30 m²
  • 3 500 000 €

Like a home Bois

Décoration Intérieur bureau parisien mur et plafond bois et verre incurvé





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Left Bank

Here, prestige comes from the richness of roots, from the Left Bank spirit instilled by numerous artists and intellectuals.

Left Bank

Right Bank

This bank of the Seine is where you’ll find the sort of diversity and contrasts that make the city such a marvel.

Right Bank

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