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When it comes to real estate projects, it is essential to recognize that each undertaking is distinguished by unique characteristics and specific requirements. Indeed, beyond renovation work or home staging, a real estate project encompasses a multitude of elements that necessitate a tailored approach and specific expertise.

Each property has its own particularities, whether it be its location, architecture, current condition, or the expectations of future occupants. Thus, the solutions provided must be finely adapted to meet the precise needs of each situation. This involves thorough analysis and meticulous planning to ensure the success and sustainability of the dream.

It is therefore crucial to emphasize that the list of dedicated partners for such projects cannot be exhaustive. The interventions may require collaboration from various professionals such as architects, specialized craftsmen, interior designers, energy experts, notaries, and many others. Each brings their own skill and expertise, forming a versatile and responsive team capable of addressing the specific challenges of each mission.

Intérierur décoration Salon cheminé en pierre et plafond de bois ouvert sur cuisine


Paris is the stuff of dreams the world over, but in order to stand out from the crowd, we take a tailor-made approach with the Varenne mandate, and all our services, particularly the works. 

We work with long-standing service providers who have solid experience and enable us to support our customers in their projects (architects, interior designers, etc.).

Quality advice is our priority.

Photo diptyque à gauche interieur salon poutres et bibliothèque bois à droite vue terrasse citronnier
Photo palmier dans son pot blanc design

Home staging

A considered approach. 

Homestaging, also known as property enhancement, is a property marketing technique that aims to enhance a property intended for sale or rent. The practice is based on the idea of preparing and decorating a house or flat in such a way as to maximise its appeal to potential buyers or tenants, thereby speeding up the transaction and, ideally, increasing the sale price.

The homestaging process generally involves a series of steps designed to make the property as neutral and welcoming as possible, so that visitors can easily imagine themselves living there. These steps can include de-cluttering, rearranging furniture, repairing small defects, painting in neutral tones and adding subtle decorative touches.

Home Staging Interieur parisien décoration salon cheminée parquet
Interieur parisien vide cheminé parquet et vue église fenêtres ouvertes





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Here, prestige comes from the richness of roots, from the Left Bank spirit instilled by numerous artists and intellectuals.

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This bank of the Seine is where you’ll find the sort of diversity and contrasts that make the city such a marvel.

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