Paris 7e

A popular green space for Parisians to enjoy


The area's architecture is predominantly Haussmannian, in its most refined form, chiselled and majestic, punctuated by superb Art Nouveau exceptions like the Arums and Lavirotte buildings.


The streets leading off the Champ-de-Mars are among some of the most sought-after and exclusive addresses in Paris.


The real estate portfolio here can only be described as exceptional in the extreme, with prominent Parisian families, prestigious expatriates and successful professionals coming together to co-habit in an elegant universe.


The properties are perfect, offering ample space, accomplished architecture and an appealing address. Demand therefore often exceeds supply and investments here are stable.

The apparent peace and quiet of the neighbourhood conceals a bustling community. 


Good weather means starting your morning at the Maison de Balzac, taking in the whole of Paris and seeing the Eiffel Tower from the Rose Bakery's terrace, which opens there every summer. Stroll along the banks of the Seine to the musée du quai Branly to admire this glass vessel with its plant-covered façade, its curious design, like the Eiffel Tower in its day, having blended in perfectly with the landscape and won the hearts of Parisians over time.


Venture into the greenspace of the Champ-de-Mars for a rural escape in the heart of the city, marvel and savour its stretching horizons, a rarity in Paris. Continue on to the Wall for Peace, where the word has been inscribed in every language.


Stopping also to admire the École Militaire, the original venerable building that welcomed Napoleon Bonaparte as an army cadet, before marvelling at the Arums building, an Art Nouveau masterpiece with a stunning sculpted façade.


Finally, Rapp Square, home to some architectural rarities, offers a postcard-worthy view of the area's best-known resident, the Eiffel Tower, at nightfall.

Address Book

From decoration ideas and Varenne’s interiors, to an array of cultural and culinary discoveries, our homes have never been such a window onto the world! 

Dessin Champ-de-Mars Guillaume Reynard Varenne

Neighborhood Life

The apparent peace and quiet of the neighbourhood conceals a bustling community. Families thrive here, with prestigious schools (l'Ecole Active Janine Manuel, Lennen Bilingual School, etc.), playgrounds in the heart of the Champ-de-Mars and the charming Rue Saint-Dominique - a village pace of life with all the amenities and pleasures that the city has to offer.


Constant's cuisine has the foodies flooding in, while Suffren celebrates tradition and those with a sweet tooth head to Karamel to discover all the delicious variations of this flavour. When the sun comes out and you fancy a walk (and a treat!) head to Martine Lambert, just a few strides away.

Discover Properties

Sibylle de Tavernost

This talented carpet editor, Sibylle, skillfully blends craftsmanship and creativity. With couture and custom-made rugs in natural materials, she surprises us with her combinations of colors and the poetry she infuses into her unique pieces.

Eiffel Tower Theater

Italian-style theater inspired by Art Nouveau, offering a varied program: comedy, singing, and dance.


The gourmet restaurant by the water, the terrace facing the Eiffel Tower, and the wine cellar... underwater!

Our properties in the Champ-de-Mars neighborhood and surroundings

  • Paris 7e
  • 2 rooms
  • 0 bedroom
  • 65 m²
  • 910 000 €


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