Cherche Midi

Cherche Midi
Paris 6e

« chercher midi à quatorze heures »

A stroll down the rue du Cherche Midi

Facade Hôtel particulier parisien de Choiseul-Praslin

The tone is set - here, the Parisian hours tick by at an almost meridional pace.

Not to be missed

Walk in wonder under the mascarons of the impressive and incredibly well preserved Hôtel de Choiseul- Praslin (now the Banque de France), a testament to the district’s noble roots.

Or venture into the courtyard of the Hôtel de Marcilly to admire the superb ironwork, before revelling in a daydream on the walls of the little Hôtel de Montmorency. 

Parting from this district where time stands still is such sweet sorrow, but not before a stop in front of the pediment of no.56, where the carved inscription reads: “Midi vrai de Paris” (Paris' true midday). A ray of sunshine that will light up your day whatever the weather.

Facade hotel particulier avec fenetre façon vitraux

Address Book

From decoration ideas and Varenne’s interiors, to an array of cultural and culinary discoveries, our homes have never been such a window onto the world! 

Dessin rue du Cherche-Midi Guillaume Reynard Varenne

Neighborhood Life

Bustling and family friendly, the district is filled with charming little boutiques and unique restaurants. 

Simplicity and energy are a convention here, where good food is enjoyed without any fuss in local bistros and watering holes like Le Petit Verdot, Le Cherche-midi and Le Troquet.

Big names like Pierre Gagnaire’s Anicia and Sauvage bring a gourmet touch to the district.

Those with a sweet tooth and bakery aficionados, meanwhile, will be in seventh heaven at Poilâne, a favourite among residents, and Colorova, popular for an afternoon treat.

Take time out for yourself at Mamie Gâteaux, Ten Belles and Café Trama, get a taste of the sun and the Basque Coast at Maison Pariès, enjoy the feel of Naples at Mimi or take a trip to Asia as reinvented by Pierre Sang, topped off with a pinch of sugar at Maison du Mochi.

The abundant little shops, all archetypes of the district, are both delightful and original, like La Cerise sur le Chapeau or the Cherche-midi hardware store.

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Auto collant doré sur vitrine restaurant nippon

La Maison du Mochi

A Japanese pastry packed with flavors from the land of the rising sun, such as matcha and anko (sweet red bean) paste. Gluten-free, 100% plant-based and fat-free.

Devanture portes vitrées du Théâtre du Vieux Colombier à Paris

Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier

Inaugurated by Jacques Copeau in 1913 to replace the former Théâtre Athénée-Saint-Germain, the venue has enjoyed a rich and eventful history.  Since 1993, it has been a member of the Comédie-Française.

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