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"A picture-perfect avenue" could be this Paris neighbourhood's motto


Eglise Saint François Xavier quartier breteuil paris
Photo avenue quartier breteuil paris

Pleasant and gentle, life in the neighbourhood is almost provincial, all with the refined trappings of Paris elegance. A much sought-after island district.

Not to be missed

Turn off the majestic Place Vauban in front of Les Invalides to discover an architectural curiosity at 14 Rue Vaneau, which stands in stark contrast to the Haussmannian harmony around it. The neo-Renaissance-inspired building boasts a façade with Roman lettering, curious animal head statues and the inscription "Bona aedificatio tres habet conditiones commoditatem, firmitatem et delectationem" (good architecture requires three things: convenience, solidity and pleasure). This attack on the Haussmannian style is considered to be the spark that subsequently spread the neo-Renaissance design throughout Paris.


Finally, make a stop to contemplate one of the neighbourhood's hidden treasures: Tintoretto's Last Supper in the Church of Saint-François-Xavier. 

Esplanade Jacques-Chaban-Delmas quartier breteuil paris
Rue Eglise Saint François Xavier quartier breteuil paris

Address Book

From decoration ideas and Varenne’s interiors, to an array of cultural and culinary discoveries, our homes have never been such a window onto the world! 

Dessin Breteuil Guillaume Reynard Varenne

Neighborhood Life

The esplanade sets the pace for this peaceful escape, where a pleasant neighbourhood life is centred around excellent local grocery stores, as well as Gourmet, the delicatessen that delights the locals' tastebuds, and Quatrehomme, the cheesemonger whose reputation stretches far beyond the district.

On Sundays, after a bootcamp or yoga class on the esplanade, you can meet up at the Brasserie Vaupan, the official supplier of generations of Sunday meals, or at Oui mon Général, a family-friendly neo-brasserie.

A few rarities spice up the neighbourhood's blissful landscape, such as the Pharmacie des âmes, an unusual bookshop with little-known editions, or the Mori Yoshida patisserie, which takes you on a culinary adventure to the land of the rising sun.

Pleasant and gentle, life in the neighbourhood is almost provincial, all with the refined trappings of Paris elegance. A much sought-after island district.

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Devanture bleu bistro Oui mon général et plaque de rue Betrand Paris 7

Oui Mon Général

French, Greek and Spanish-inspired cuisine in a chic brasserie with terrace.

Store gris de la pâtisserie française MORI YOSHIDA quartier breteuil paris

Mori Yoshida

Classic French macaroons and cakes with a Japanese twist

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