Ile de la Cité

Ile de la Cité
Paris 4e

Believed to once have been the heart of the oppidum Lutetia, the Île de la Cité is the original cradle of Paris.


The architecture on the island is commensurate with its history and embodies all the variations seen in the capital since its creation.

From the former Roman temple of Jupiter, dismantled to make way for one of the most well-recognised emblems of Christian faith, Notre-Dame-de-Paris, to the Palais de Justice, the former palace of the Capetian Kings transformed under Baron Haussmann into a magistrates’ court, and the Sainte-Chapelle, an unmatched Baroque jewel, the history of Paris is encapsulated within this district.


This time capsule is naturally coveted for its architectural diversity, its village feel and its central position. A unique amalgamation that not only makes for an agreeable residential neighbourhood but also a sound investment thanks to the stability of the market. Properties rarely come up for sale here and when they do they go for the asking price.

You can’t help but stop in front of Notre-Dame-de-Paris, each time your eye picking out a new gargoyle or bas-relief. 

Not to be missed

You can’t help but stop in front of Notre-Dame-de-Paris, each time your eye picking out a new gargoyle or bas-relief carved to illustrate the chapters of the Bible at a time when the masses were not taught to read. It’s like discovering this venerated cathedral every time for the first time.


Its paved square marks France’s ‘Kilometre Zero’, the starting point of all the country’s roads and the ideal base from which to explore this fascinating district.


The arcades and delightful boutiques around Place Dauphine, the only triangular and almost enclosed square in Paris, provide ample means to pass the time

before heading along the quays to the Conciergerie, built by King Louis-Philippe. The former palace of the Capetian dynasty, this monument with its medieval architecture has become a centre for contemporary art in recent years, along with the Sainte-Chapelle, hosting major international artists. It is also where you’ll find the capital’s oldest clock. 


The flower market, another legacy of the Middle Ages, offers an enchanting interlude to any day, especially on Sundays when it becomes a bustling and chirping bird market.

And last but not least, soak in the view of Paris from the Pont Neuf bridge before walking down to the gardens of the Vert Galant square, the last residence of the Templar masters and now a popular picnic spot on sunny days.

The sight of the sun setting below the weeping willow is simply magical. 

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Investing in Paris real estate in the Bourse district can be an attractive opportunity for investors looking for prestigious properties with significant potential for value enhancement.

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Neighborhood Life

Life on the Île de la Cité means being at the beating heart of Paris, retracing its history day after day and savouring the Olympian calm once the sun goes down. 

It’s appreciating the greatness of France on a larger, historic scale while also cherishing the individual stories that fill each boutique, each restaurant, each watering hole, heartwarming monuments to past generations. Here the renowned French art de vivre reigns supreme, a heady brew of history, charm and slow tempo.

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