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Hailing from northern France, Henri quickly established roots in Paris, where his professional adventure began when he embarked upon his first career in industry, developing organisational skills and a sense of discipline and perseverance.  He would also go on to develop his negotiating skills, while the international dimension of his work would teach him about cultural diversity and the many benefits thereof.

Henri then decided to venture into the world of real estate, but not just any real estate: luxury real estate. He initially sampled the understated charm of the western Right Bank, before returning to his first loves on the Left Bank, with which he had been so familiar since his university days, namely the 5th, 6th and 7th arrondissements, which he enjoys helping his clients to explore and whose secrets he likes to share. 

His goal is simply to share with you his expertise, his intimate knowledge of the market and his experience and to carefully and professionally advise you at every stage in the process of making your plans a reality.

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