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A genuine relationship based on trust and sharing

Between her Belgian mother, her Tunisian father, her childhood spent between Paris, Sousse and Carthage and later her studies in Nice, Nadia certainly had a very international background when she arrived in Paris at the age of 22 and immediately fell deeply in love with the place. Having spent a decade working in the financial markets of London and Paris and six years in Asia, this initial love at first sight remains strong to this day.

She loves everything about the city, from the more Parisian aspects like Le Bon Marché to the more exotic, like the Asian markets of the 13th arrondissement, which remind her of the years she spent in Thailand.

Travelling around Paris, whether on foot or on a hired bike, was primarily a source of enjoyment for Nadia before it became her profession, the real estate market a natural extension of the infinite aesthetic pleasure she gained from the capital.

Her greatest source of satisfaction, though, is the relationships built on trust and sharing that develop as a result of her listening and learning (about a story, a place, a family, etc.), those moments that make the best memories.

“Supporting a client in making their choice begins with that vital first moment of interaction and sharing that’s so important in helping them to find the right property for them”.

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