Aurélie MARCHE

Administrative Director

Languages spoken

French English



Her mission: to orchestrate the life of the agency

Determined and rigorous, Aurélie's career path has been shaped by her need to evolve within demanding sectors rooted in precision - those of the top end of the market. 

After graduating from business school and gaining initial experience with a major group, she spent 10 years working in the demanding French wine and vineyard sector, then in the equally meticulous golf press sector, before joining Varenne, where she has orchestrated the entire administrative organisation with mastery for the last 10 years.

A true Swiss Army knife of expertise, she coordinates HR, financial and accounting relations as well as providing information to the teams, while supervising an administrative and sales team to whom she takes pleasure in passing on her high standards and experience.

Her days are filled with discovery. No two days are alike, and she finds the unexpected as much a source of discovery as a challenge.

Her greatest satisfaction is to offer the team the most flexible and fulfilling framework so that the negotiators can carry out their assignments with peace of mind.

A true orchestra conductor for Varenne.

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