Olivier GRACIA

Real Estate agent

Languages spoken

French English




The property market is not just about figures; there’s a lot of sentiment involved, too

Olivier joined the Varenne team in 2020.

With a degree in political science under his belt, as well as a career focused mainly on writing and political journalism, he has also come to specialise in high-end real estate. His eclectic background has given him a pretty unique understanding of the property market, and how it is not just about figures but also about sentiment and emotion.

The extraordinary heritage of Paris’s historic centre, and the Left Bank in particular, fascinates Olivier, who has a keen interest in the history of every street, every building and every living space.

A firm believer that every location is unique, he supports his clients from the initial idea of securing a property right through to making their dreams a reality. For Olivier, it’s all about taste, conviction and sentiment.

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