Real Estate Agent, Paris 6e

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Authenticity and transparency

A childhood in the countryside, in the south of Sweden, shaped the cardinal values in which he anchors his relationships, advice, estimates, as well as every detail of his support: authenticity and transparency. The bond of trust is for him the indispensable framework for his expertise.

A diploma from EFAP in Paris and then a Christie’s Art Education in New York training allowed her to project herself into professional experiences where precision, rigour and relational ease are essential. With a career that has mainly been toured internationally, he has worked in the field of events organization and then in the field of the Family Offices, which is meticulous and subdued, before joining Varenne in May 2021.

Parisian after two decades, throughout his career, in the capital, he knows the most demanding workings, as well as the historic districts that he particularly loves. Parisian with international expertise, he perfectly embodies the “think local, play global” dear by Varenne. In all its demands and authenticity.

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