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Strong expertise and an ability to deliver quality services

Having completed a Master’s degree in Finance, I’ve always aspired to diversify my knowledge and experience on both a personal and a professional level. I grew up in Martinique, a place rich in culture and history, before heading to Paris to continue my studies and pursue a career, initially in the media sphere.

This diversified background gradually led me to the property sector, where my real passion lies.

Before joining the Varenne team, I got the opportunity to lead teams in the media industry, where I was able to contribute to various international projects, notably within the NBCUniversal group.

All of this has enabled me to develop strong expertise and an ability to provide my clients with a high level of service.

The experiences I've had outside the professional sphere, meanwhile, have given me a unique global perspective that has had a positive impact on the way I approach my work.

My keen interest in beautiful stonework, the media industry and technological innovation is what motivates me to keep up to date with the latest trends and new opportunities for innovation.


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