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FOR SALE Exclusive - Saint Germain des Prés PARIS 7e - 185m²
FOR SALE Prestigious property in a quiet residential area LE VESINET - 600m²
FOR SALE Sunny flat on an upper floor Paris 16e - 255.04m²
FOR SALE Family flat and reception PARIS 7e - 261m²
FOR SALE Family and guest flat Paris 16e - 302.95m²
FOR SALE Reception apartment in a private mansion Paris 7e - 229.07m²
FOR SALE Penthouse Golden Triangle PARIS 8e - 248m²
FOR SALE An elegant reception apartment PARIS 16e - 234m²
FOR SALE Ideal for Lavish Hosting PARIS 16e - 313m²
FOR SALE House in a very peaceful and green environment PARIS 14e - 220.45m²
FOR SALE House in absolute calm in a green setting, without co-ownership PARIS 14e - 220.45m²
FOR SALE South facing apartment in the heart of the Odéon district PARIS 6e - 147m²
FOR SALE Quiet and bright flat PARIS 7e - 195m²
FOR SALE Duplex penthouse with balcony PARIS 8e - 147m²
FOR SALE A pied-à-terre type apartment with balcony PARIS 7e - 135.63m²
FOR SALE Quiet and sublime Paris 6e - 95.56m²
FOR SALE Family flat PARIS 15e - 170m²
FOR SALE Rue François 1er Paris 8e - 148m²
FOR SALE Remarkable apartment PARIS 7e - 161.02m²
FOR SALE Family flat PARIS 6e - 167.97m²
FOR SALE Apartment Paris 75007, 4 room(s) 93.06 m2, rue du Bac, Calm, foot on the ground PARIS 7e - 93.06m²
FOR SALE Top floor, view, not overlooked PARIS 5e - 176m²
FOR SALE Very peaceful PARIS 1e - 233.5m²
FOR SALE A rare guest and family flat PARIS 7e - 198m²
FOR SALE Exceptional workshop lounge PARIS 6e - 109m²
FOR SALE Country spirit house near Paris BAGNEUX - 206m²
FOR SALE Delightful family flat PARIS 6e - 117.86m²
FOR SALE Former architecture studio SAINT CLOUD - 285m²
FOR SALE Perfect pied-à-terre in the heart of the Golden Triangle Paris 8e - 75.05m²
FOR SALE Exceptional eyrie with balcony PARIS 6e - 74.29m²
FOR SALE Duplex flat PARIS 3e - 167m²
FOR SALE In a quiet and preserved environment FONTENAY AUX ROSES - 287m²
FOR SALE "English Mews" in the heart of Saint Germain des Prés Paris 6e - 95.2m²
FOR SALE The countryside in Paris PARIS 14e - 172.47m²
FOR SALE Flat in the heart of the Triangle d'Or PARIS 8e - 104.08m²
FOR SALE House in the heart of the 7th Paris 7e - 86.56m²
FOR SALE South-facing terrace, overlooking the monuments of Paris PARIS 8e - 76.11m²
FOR SALE A few steps from the Louis Majorelle PARIS 11e - 115m²
FOR SALE Charming duplex on the top floors Paris 7e - 94.71m²
FOR SALE Open layout PARIS 6e - 79.65m²
FOR SALE Open layout Paris 14e - 79.65m²
FOR SALE Flat in the heart of Paris PARIS 1e - 70m²
FOR SALE Flat with pretty balcony PARIS 1e - 60.97m²
FOR SALE Elegant apartment with balcony PARIS 8e - 50m²
FOR SALE Artist's studio PARIS 6e - 45.56m²
FOR SALE Flat a stone's throw from Luxembourg PARIS 5e - 43.81m²
FOR SALE Clear view of a garden PARIS 7e - 36.23m²
FOR SALE The countryside in Paris PARIS 14e - 36m²
FOR SALE Quiet, in a dynamic neighborhood PARIS 17e - 46m²
FOR SALE Charming apartment in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés Paris 6e - 29.3m²
FOR SALE Charming one-bedroom flat in the heart of the Marais. PARIS 4e - 36m²
FOR SALE An ideal investment in the heart of the Triangle d'Or PARIS 8e - 28m²
FOR SALE Overlooking a courtyard/garden PARIS 18e - 19.78m²