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FOR SALE Elegant Private Mansion Paris 8e - 371.14m²
FOR SALE Reception apartment with fantastic views Paris 1e - 243.4m²
FOR SALE In a stunning private mansion in the centre of Paris’ 7th arrondissement, this 283,30 sq.m (3,049 sq Paris 7e - 283.3m²
FOR SALE Exceptional apartment with fantastic views Paris 16e - 221.66m²
FOR SALE Apartment with reception rooms renovated throughout Paris 7e - 189.29m²
FOR SALE On the top two floors of a beautiful private mansion in the heart of Paris’ 7th arrondissement, this Paris 7e - 241.5m²
FOR SALE Private mansion with terraces Paris 16e - 347.47m²
FOR SALE Two-storey penthouse Paris 8e - 208.2m²
FOR SALE Gorgeous apartment with view of the Eiffel Tower Paris 7e - 254m²
FOR SALE Detached private mansion Paris 8e - 287.68m²
FOR SALE Rare atelier d'artiste Paris 6e - 259.93m²
FOR SALE Spectacular up-close view of the Panthéon Paris 5e - 255.73m²
FOR SALE Quiet and sunny Paris 6e - 168.17m²
FOR SALE Reception apartment Paris 7e - 213.19m²
FOR SALE Parisian chic Paris 8e - 155m²
FOR SALE Remarkable property with terrace Paris 6e - 127.83m²
FOR SALE 85 m² garden terrace Paris 5e - 161.46m²
FOR SALE Beautiful triplex on top floor Paris 5e - 184.2m²
FOR SALE With garden Paris 14e - 329.32m²
FOR SALE Like a home Neuilly-sur-Seine - 243.3m²
FOR SALE Incredible location. Paris 7e - 207.81m²
FOR SALE Apartment with reception rooms Paris 17e - 198.3m²
FOR SALE Exclusive property development in the heart of Saint-Cloud Saint-Cloud - 425m²
FOR SALE Apartment with panoramic view Paris 16e - 205.51m²
FOR SALE Superb family apartment with reception rooms Paris 16e - 215.99m²
FOR SALE Sole listing. With a panoramic view over the Seine, between the Port de l'Arsenal and Ile Saint-Loui Paris 4e - 131.42m²
FOR SALE On the 4th floor of a superb 1930s building with a lift, alone on its floor, this dual-aspect family Neuilly-sur-Seine - 194.93m²
FOR SALE At the heart of the Saint-Sulpice area and a stone’s throw from the Jardin du Luxembourg, a duplex a Paris 6e - 123.47m²
FOR SALE Elegant house in Barbizon on the edge of the Fontainebleau forest Barbizon - 600m²
FOR SALE Duplex on the top two floors Paris 8e - 147.68m²
FOR SALE Duplex on the 5th and 6th floors Paris 8e - 127.11m²
FOR SALE Duplex with views and terrace Paris 6e - 104.84m²
On the third and top floor by lift, a sumptuous loft to renovate of 152.97 sq. Paris 10e - 152.97m²
FOR SALE Charming apartment Paris 7e - 66.27m²
FOR SALE Charming apartment Paris 6e - 79.15m²
FOR SALE Charming apartment with patio Paris 6e - 73.64m²
FOR SALE Just off Rue Cler Paris 7e - 78.54m²
FOR SALE Charming apartment Paris 6e - 91m²
FOR SALE Top floor with a balcony and beautiful views Paris 6e - 70.73m²
FOR SALE Apartment for use as housing or offices Paris 5e - 97.51m²
FOR SALE Top-floor apartment with charm Paris 1e - 62.33m²
On a quiet street on the edge of the 7th arrondissement, this light-filled 123.34 s Paris 15e - 123.34m²
FOR SALE Superb pied-à-terre Paris 6e - 35.94m²
FOR SALE Close to UNESCO Paris 7e - 81.32m²
FOR SALE Ideal pied-à-terre Paris 6e - 61.6m²
FOR SALE Quiet and sunny duplex apartment Paris 4e - 46.6m²
FOR SALE Quiet and bright apartment Paris 9e - 92m²
FOR SALE Renovated artist’s studio Paris 14e - 60.71m²
FOR SALE Charmant appartement Paris 7e - 65.02m²
FOR SALE A stone’s throw from the centre of Boulogne, on the second floor with a lift of a well-maintained mo Boulogne-Billancourt - 70.93m²
FOR SALE Village house built in stone Fontenay-Saint-Père - m²
FOR SALE Charming studio apartment Paris 7e - 57m²
FOR SALE Unobstructed view over Paris and the Seine Saint-Cloud - 81m²
FOR SALE Near the Montorgueil district Paris 2e - 52.58m²
FOR SALE Idéal pied-à-terre Paris 7e - 31.83m²
FOR SALE Charming pied-à-terre Paris 7e - 31.26m²
FOR SALE Charming apartment Paris 7e - 30.42m²
FOR SALE Near the Jardin du Luxembourg Paris 6e - 28.8m²