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Varenne x The Socialite Family

- January 2024 -

The Socialite Family presents La Scopa

Discover La Scopa, an immersive experience proposed by The Socialite Family in collaboration with Varenne, for Maison&Objet in the city.

Conceived by Constance Gennari, founder and artistic director of The Socialite Family, La Scopa is an ephemeral immersion in a private mansion in the heart of Paris that is to be completely renovated, based on the theme of gambling in all its facets. La Scopa takes its name from the centuries-old Italian card game. 

Naturally, The Socialite Family will be playing around with the rules, creating a world of ever-changing moods as we present our latest creations... cards on the table!

Varenne and The Socialite Family Rue de l’Université, Paris 7e January 17-21

"In this lively venue, you won't know which saint to follow. Knock or truth, you have to let yourself be enveloped by a singular and intimate atmosphere."

La Scopa interieur
The Socialite Family interieur rideau et plafond doré

The location

In this former family mansion, lent to the game by Varenne, which Constance Gennari decided to occupy for a few days, the walls still speak. Mural paintings and tapestries adorn the premises. The spectacular entrance welcomed visitors in style. Stripes and gilt adorned the showcase for The Socialite Family's latest creations - to be discovered in earnest on 6 February. On either side of the main entrance hall, a number of openings were also given a special scenography. Pieces from the Puces de Saint-Ouen rubbed shoulders with those of The Socialite Family, surrounded by paintings by contemporary artists on loan from The Curators.

The grand staircase, adorned with a fresco by artist Franck Lebraly, led to other mysteries, including a neo-Moorish study that looked like a hidden smoking room. The hallway with its natural wood panelling carved with shells, the screened-in library, the beautiful terrace with its magnolia tree and, higher up, the seventies' bathroom welcomed us as if in secret, or rather as if at a secret party: to the strains of Italodisco, The Socialite Family and Varenne entertained in rhythm during these few days, assisted by their partners: Sonos, without whom it would have been impossible to dance; Staff Meal, who orchestrated La Scopa's inaugural dinner, from the art of the table to the chef, Justine Pruvot, and every detail of coordination and elegance; and Crumble Production, who created a fantastic scenario of family heritage through their troupe of actors on location, who brought the place to life every day.

In a place that's still alive and kicking, it was hard to know which way to turn. Knock or truth, you had to let yourself be enveloped by a singular and intimate atmosphere.

Click here for our Spotify playlist for La Scopa

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