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In the north-east of Paris, the 10th arrondissement is a district with many faces. Bobo and plugged in some ways, it is very popular by others. Well served and accessible, it offers a nice transition between the chic neighborhoods of the center and the most popular neighborhoods of the northeast of the capital. Lively, full of character, it is a district very popular with its inhabitants.

One of the peculiarities of the 10th arrondissement is to change the atmosphere at every corner. Its numerous passages, covered or not, such as the passage Brady or the passage Delanos, strongly contrast with the heavy traffic and the noise of the major axes, boulevard Magenta, rue Lafayette and boulevard Saint-Martin, in particular. Afros hairdressers and exotic grocery stores on rue du Château-d'Eau create an astonishing African bubble in the heart of Paris, while Gare de l'Est, rue du 8 mai 1945, and Gare du Nord, rue de Dunkerque , drain every day thousands of travelers. Finally, along the canal Saint-Martin, quai de Valmy and quai de Jemmapes, the inhabitants find a more bourgeois atmosphere, very good-child, and recreate a village atmosphere, between strolls along the canal and the terraces of many bars and cafes, which become very festive at night.

Despite many monuments, such as the churches of Saint Vincent de Paul, place Franz Liszt, and Saint-Martin des Champs, rue Albert Thomas, the 10th district is far from being the most touristy of Paris. On the contrary, it attracts residents and residents of surrounding areas. Indeed, those who enjoy an urban ride enjoy the many passages, especially in the south of the district. The passage of the Prado, overlooking the Boulevard Saint-Denis, with its Art Deco architecture, is one of the most popular, while the passage of the Market, rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, keeps a quaint atmosphere, full of charm. For a walk, locals also enjoy the Villemin Garden, rue des Recollets, and that of the courtyard of the Ferme Saint-Lazare, rue Léon Schwartzenberg, which are two real bubbles of air and calm in this very urbanized district. Finally, residents of the 10th underline the friendly side of their borough which is expressed for example in its covered markets.