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Although the 11th arrondissement is geographically out of the center of Paris, it is the favorite meeting place for many night owls. The terraces of cafés and restaurants around the Place de la Bastille create until late into the night a cheerful and good-natured entertainment in which the inhabitants of the district are the first to participate! These places of life are coupled with famous cultural addresses, such as the Opera Bastille, on the place of the same name, the Winter Circus, Amelot Street, or the Café de la Danse, Louis Philippe passage. The Steelworkers' House, rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, and the MJC Paris Mercœur complete this offer and turn more specifically towards a young audience. In addition, the 11th arrondissement is characterized by a very high population density, one of the highest in Europe. He therefore proposes a very urban way of life, that only a few small green spaces, the square of Roquette, street Servan, or square Maurice Gardette, rue Rochebrune.

Trendy, lively, proud of its revolutionary and popular culture, the 11th arrondissement is a young and highly rated neighborhood. Some people are worried about this trend that is driving up real estate prices, while the vast majority of residents are charmed by this energetic and intoxicating atmosphere!