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Often the 14th district is reduced to the only district of Montparnasse. Yet it is a vast district that extends to the ring road and therefore creates many different environments, lively or more residential, bourgeois, student or frankly popular. A neighborhood where life is good, going out and studying ...

Of course, one of the most famous aspects of the 14th is the streets full of life overlooking the Montparnasse train station and the Tower. Rue de la Gaieté, boulevard du Montparnasse or rue d'Odessa, we find the small grain of madness that enchanted the artists of the inter-war period. Venues such as Bobino, rue de la Gaieté, breweries, creperies and cinema create a joyous animation to which residents are very attached. However, a few streets away, around Edgar Quinet Boulevard for example, the atmosphere is much more peaceful. Bourgeois buildings with elegant façades are home to a slightly older population, and line very quiet residential streets, such as Delambre Square or Huyghens Street. This peaceful atmosphere is also found south of the 14th, around Parc Montsouris, rue Gazan. Finally, between the Boulevards des Maréchaux and the ring road, the Cité Universitaire, with its exotic pavilions, is a place of life and cultural activities where students come from all over the world.