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FOR SALE Reception apartment Paris 7e - 213.19m²
FOR SALE In a private mansion PARIS 7e - 138m²
FOR SALE Turnkey apartment PARIS 7e - 137.67m²
FOR SALE Family flat PARIS 7e - 161.6m²
FOR SALE A stone's throw from the rue de Grenelle PARIS 7e - 194.25m²
FOR SALE Corner Apartment Paris 7e - 135.55m²
FOR SALE Appartement Paris 6 pièce(s) 138 m2 Paris 7e - 140.24m²
FOR SALE Reception and family apartment PARIS 7e - 167.59m²
FOR SALE Near the Champ-de-Mars PARIS 7e - 127m²
FOR SALE Top floor PARIS 7e - 100m²
FOR SALE With balconies and terrace Paris 7e - 99.41m²
FOR SALE Like a house PARIS 7e - 126m²
FOR SALE In the elegant residence Laennec PARIS 7e - 70.16m²
En plein coeur du quartier du Gros Caillou et à quelques pas du Champ de Mars, au d PARIS 7e - 82m²
FOR SALE Lovely apartment Paris 7e - 84.97m²
FOR SALE Light-filled apartment PARIS 7e - 66.65m²
FOR SALE Ideally located flat Paris 7e - 61.58m²
FOR SALE 1 bedroom and large balcony PARIS 7e - 57.59m²
FOR SALE Oudinot Paris 7e - 49.02m²
FOR SALE Overlooking a tree-lined courtyard Paris 7e - 44.73m²
FOR SALE Views of the Eiffel Tower Paris 7e - 12.99m²

Around the Eiffel Tower, on the Left Bank of the Seine, the very elegant 7th is fighting with his neighbor the 6th, the most expensive district square in Paris. Less flashy than the 8th, the 7th is home to many official buildings and quiet residential streets. Its inhabitants appreciate the beauty of the monuments and its wide open spaces.

Despite the hordes of tourists who invade the Champ-de-Mars every day to admire the Eiffel Tower and the people who work in the various ministries, institutions and embassies, the 7th maintains a very peaceful atmosphere. The beautiful bourgeois buildings, the trees and the neat urban furniture give an impression of elegance to which the local residents are very attached. The shops are few but quality, as in the top of the street of Babylon. The boulevard Raspail and rue du Bac, to the east of the district, are among the liveliest, with many shops and breweries. However, the inhabitants of the 7th mostly have their habits at the famous department store Bon Marché, rue de Sèvres, dating from the Second Empire. These inhabitants also benefit from the important cultural offer, with the Musée d'Orsay dedicated to the Impressionists and located in the old station on the Quai d'Orsay, the Rodin museum, rue de Varenne, and the musée du Quai Branly, at bold architecture.

More discreet than some neighboring districts, the 7th nevertheless provokes an interest that does not fade, as proves the prices of real estate, always very high. The sober beauty of its avenues, the beautiful perspectives of its streets and green spaces, make it a particularly famous and much sought-after neighborhood.