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A benchmark on the 7th arrondissement market

She was first a press attaché and then focused on raising her children who are schooled in the 7th arrondissement. But for the last 13 years with Varenne she has used her energy and tenacity in a business for which she has an innate feel. Everything about her breathes warm efficiency.

"It takes intuition to understand the aspirations behind the words and guide clients with finesse. We have a great responsibility because they are engaging on a large financial and human project. Nothing makes me happier than finding the place where my clients will be happy. I think I have that talent," she adds. And there’s no doubt about it.

Her advantage is she knows the neighbourhood like the back of her hand, especially the Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin district where she has always lived. There are probably very few buildings she hasn’t entered at some time...

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