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In the spirit of the Left Bank while developing the Right Bank

A childhood based around the Luxembourg gardens, an education that was nothing but Left Bank (Ecole Bossuet, Lycée Montaigne, Ecole Alsacienne), Hugues de la Morandière incarnates the essence of the neighbourhood. In his own more artistic and philosophical way, he exerts his profession with at once a deep-rooted sense of human relations, the finer things in life, and its freedom. “When we created our Agency, the first crisis was blowing up in the Gulf, and with it, the real estate bubble. One thing was clear: this is a great profession, which has developed in a relatively volatile market, with a shortage of advice and a level of service completely disproportate to what is at stake with the sale or purchase of luxury real estate.”

The agency starts, carrying a few key values along for the ride: Play Local, Think Global; favour laying firm foundations on the Left Bank, by mastering its micro-markets; strive for excellence in the quality of their advice; and remain faithful to their independent spirit and their uniqueness, all while developing an international outlook and network.

His view of the future: “The Left Bank is one step ahead, without doubt because it is older and more deep-rooted than other neighbourhoods. The historic heart of Paris will survive crises and fashions, each of our clients and investors knows this all too well. And we, we are but guardians of these places, through which history extends itself.”

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