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Promoting a sensitive and personal approach to living space

After 10 years at Varenne, Ludovic is deputy director of prestige properties. 

Hailing from an educational and professional background focusing primarily on fashion and design, he has the sort of appreciation of space that can really unearth and exploit its full potential. Ludovic’s original background has really come into its own at Varenne, where buying and selling properties with unique characteristics that reflect the extraordinary heritage of the central Left Bank are the name of the game. Identifying what could really optimise a property means being able to enhance its sale potential, and sharing its development potential means appreciating the future of a property and enhancing the value of purchasing it.

It’s all about conviction, taste and empathy, all of which comes naturally to Ludovic; he’s in his element here, taking a great deal of shared pleasure from the acts of buying and selling.

His motto, inspired by Henri Lefebvre’s quotes on the theory of space, is that “You don't live in space, you create it!”.

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