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Light On Art présente France de Griessen, Delphine Brabant, Arielle de Gasquet and Hamrei - 3rd edition

- March 2021 -

After Laurence Simoncini and Wilo & Grove, Varenne is spotlighting 4 new artists.

7 place Saint-Sulpice, 75006 Paris

France de Griessen

Meet France, singer-songwriter, photographer, author, watercolourist, director, actress and stylist.

After "Coco de Paris", her new watercolour poetic tale "Chardon trouve sa maison" (AAME Editions, in partnership with Varenne en agences, in bookshops 22 October 2021), is an invitation to explore what, in the places we live, inside and out, can nourish the soul and bring beauty to light. The project grew out of a meeting between the artist and Varenne, and their shared vision of an inspiring way of life. "Chardon trouve sa maison" invites children and adults alike to discover or rediscover the creative power and magic of intuition and imagination.

Couverture de livre avec oiseau bleu aquarelle
Portrait noir et blanc femme avec chapeau France de Griessen

Delphine Brabant France de Griessen

"Today, our agencies are resource centres in their own right, enabling our customers to project themselves into a different relationship with luxury, one that is less conformist, more intimate and, above all, one that reflects their history."

Delphine Brabant

Discover Delphine, artist-sculptor

Delphine Brabant composes her sculptures in the manner of an architect, assembling and interweaving a multitude of simple-line forms. In her almost obsessive search for harmonious composition, Delphine nevertheless focuses on the contradiction of forces. 

Her sculptures seek to alternate between fullness and emptiness, precarious stability, rigorous sensitivity, strength and fragility. Delphine also confronts materials, sometimes noble and perennial, sometimes crude and hijacked. The artist works in bronze, steel, concrete, plaster and clay, as well as stone and wood.

Sculpture en pierre abstraite éclairée
Femmes discutant pendant un vernissage

Arielle de Gasquet

Discover Arielle, ceramist

An experienced ceramist, Arielle has had a passion for porcelain for several years. She works mainly with porcelain for its poetic whiteness and translucence, which fascinate her, but also with stoneware, which she glazes with her own glazes. Her passion for stoneware began in 2009, at Togei Kyoshitsu, a Japanese workshop in NewYork, where she learned how to wheel a motte in the Japanese spirit. On her return to Europe in June 2016, she passed her CAP in ceramic turning at the Chemin de Terre school, enabling her to pass on her skills. Her latest creations can be seen in her new studio in Paris's 14th arrondissement. 

In collaboration with Varenne, Arielle has created a series of ceramics.

Femmes souriantes avec flûte de champagne dans les mains
Bouteille et vase en céramique Arielle de Gasquet


Meet Hamrei, artist and designer. 

Anglo-Brazilian artist and designer Hamrei’s long term vision is tocreate beautiful lasting luxury design that pushes for a moresustainable industry. 
Whilst managing projects in the UK and US for Pierre Yovanovitchand moving between London and Paris Hamrei has alreadyreleased a number of pieces which are now available as made-to-order. In September 2021 Hamrei will present his first completecollection of furniture and lighting alongside a number of his ownpaintings. 
His interiors and designs find the balance in production betweenman and machine. The strong and inspired lines draw fromsculpture and architecture to create both contemporary andcomfortable collectable design.

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