Porte Dauphine

La Porte Dauphine is the embodiment of a particular idea of elegance, almost an art de vivre. The superb buildings celebrate the quintessential Haussmann style and counter the sublime green oasis of avenue Foch. Close to L’Etoile, Les Champs and Bois de Boulogne, it is however a quiet, calm area, where offices and homes rub shoulders. The apartments there are not only spacious but also very light. Cafés and restaurants teem with people, both at lunchtime and in the evenings. People hurry to the terraces on Place de Mexico and Place Victor Hugo, or take tea in the wonderful garden of the Hôtel St James.

Living here is choosing luxury. The list of those who decided to set up home here is impressive: Anatole France lived in Villa Said; Debussy and Pagnol in square de l’Avenue Foch; Piaf and Claudel in boulevard Lannes; Callas in avenue Georges Mandel. And of course Victor Hugo, on an avenue that was soon named after him.

There is therefore real prestige to be had in living here, close to the delights of the Bois de Boulogne. What better than walking down avenue Foch, going into the Bois and walking to the magnificent Louis Vuitton Foundation building, which holds exhibitions that attract the whole world?

La Porte Dauphine is summed up by its quiet luxury and discreet elegance.


Local life:

Although a very urban area, it is also very green. Immerse yourself in the shelves of the excellent Lamartine bookstore, devour some delicious fries in the Brasserie Stella, eat fish on the Flandrin terrace, before losing yourself in the avenue Foch gardens (the largest, and with the most trees, in Paris) or under the beautiful foliage of avenue Georges Mandel and avenue Henri Martin, which in the spring are a veritable paradise of greenery and delicious scents...


Don’t miss:

In memory of the springs found in this spa district, drink a glass of the fresh and sweet water that flows from the fountain in square Lamartine which rises up from the artesian well in Passy.


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